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Carvin’ and Cookin’!

Sep 5

Well, I’ve decided to give up meat for 2 months.

Lolls is gunna do it with me.

So, as of today, we have given up beer and meat.

I mean, probably wont be that hard, since we can still eat fish… it would be literally impossible for us not to eat seafood. 

But woop woop! veggies!!!!!

Woo! LSU won! Good game.

Was massively hungover all day.

However, Bonefish’s bistro lunch that they have now is PHENOMENAL. Lolls had the tuna salad, which was great. I got the roasted turkey sandwich - and usually, I’m really critical about sandwiches and LET ME TELL YOU. That thing was fucking amazing. It was like crack - so addicting. I think that may be my new lunch spot.

After watching more of the games at Tap, and after my awesome bloody mary, we decided to call it a night. 

So then Seth came over, and I made/grilled of burger patties while we caught up on everything - and planned our next trip to New Orleans (when we both have some money). 

Gotta get some sleep now though - we’re going to brunch tomorrow at Brick and Spoon!!

I’m widely excited - especially for their bloody marys!!!

Good weekend with my boo.

Now, getting school stuff (tweaking my schedule and whatnot) in order before classes start next Monday.

LSAT books are coming in tomorrow - which means studying commences tomorrow! WOO! Super ready dawg. Supah dupah.

Now, off to galavant with Mother.

Aug 4

This weekend has been a hoot and a half. Spent the entire weekend with Lolley - nonstop. It was awesome. Luv dat bro.

In other news, the Brit won’t stop texting or facebooking me. Poor dear.

Lauren’s engagement party/bridal shower is in a week fews… gotta find a dress since I have to go.

Nicole might be coming in town next weekend, which would be awesome!

Getting my membership to City Club tomorrow, joy!

I really just want school to start so I can just graduate already and move out and actually start doing boring stuff like paying for my own shiz and working - yeah, I am actually looking forward to that. (although, law school isn’t totally out of the picture)

So yes, that’s what’s happening with me lately… Now to finish battlestar galactic today!

Back home, and it feels great.

Besides the comforts of the USA, I missed everyone dearly…

Especially Lolley.

I. Am. Drunk.

Started off at Mica’s with figs, brie, and champagne. Ended with multiple drinks at Tap Room.

 Eff, man. I want Lolley to be here already. The anticipation is killing me.

My new sperry’s came in! Super comfy - super perfect for walking around on my trip! 

Now, I have everything I need basically (except for some more toiletries).

I’m so excited. Pretty much just for like everything.

My tooth is now fixed. I’ve lost 3 dress sizes since Christmas, and I leave fantastic. I’m getting my hair re-done on Saturday. Getting my teeth re-done and a mani/pedi on Monday. Lolley-Bear’s getting here Tuesday. And I leave for Europe in 16 days!!!!

Life’s going well right now!

Jeez! I just won my first ebay auction ever, and my heart is pounding like a maniac. That was seriously nerve-racking! Lolley better like his present…

woah man, i am so tired from shopping all day. luckily, i got almost everything i need! just waiting for my sperrys to come in and gotta get toiletries then i’m good to go!

19 days til i leave!!!

and 9 more days til Lolley visits!!!!

Super excited!

-oh yeah, and lauren officially got engaged last night. it is really happening - sheesh!