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Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned

I literally cannot wait to be in New Orleans! Only 3 more days left!

It’s such a mini-break, but it’s a much much much needed mini-break.

For some reason, I really want to go to the aquarium. I haven’t been since I was little, so I think we’re going to do that first, and then gamble, drink, eat, and go to the Lana Del Rey concert.

Then continue drinking into the night.

I’m excited. Literally, Friday can’t come soon enough.

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Literally the best bromance to ever bromance

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work work work.

for easter sunday, lolley’s parents want us to go with them to the lewis’ place in baton rouge, but i kind of just want to stay and watch the f1 race then go fishing for the rest of the day.

i guess we’ll decide tomorrow! 

have to work everyday (aside from easter) up until the lana del rey concert! ahhhhhh sooooooo excited!

everything is happening so soon!

lana del rey… graduation… birthday… anniversary… montreal… his birthday… law school… damn. quickly approaching!!

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How can you not like Ozzy Osbourne?